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Refresher Course

Pro Dive
  • Private Refresher Course
  • 2 Day Theory & Pool
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Refresher Course  
FROM $160 per adult

Refresher Course Info

If you haven't been diving for a while and your dive skills aren't as good as they should be we strongly recommend that you do a Refresher Course before you go diving again.

A Refresher Course with Pro Dive is an ideal way for you to increase your confidence and comfort in the water. 

Refresher Course: 
Ideal way to get your water dive skills back to where they should be. One of Pro Dives experienced instructors will spend approximately 2-2.5 hours going over all the in-water skills you would have learned in your original dive course.

At the completion of this session you'll be feeling comfortable in the water again.

This course is conducted daily at Pro Dives training centre and commences every day except Sunday.

Please Note: These Refresher Course options must be arranged in advance. You will need to bring along with you your certification card, swimwear and a towel.