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Coral Sea Exploratory Expedition

7 Night Coral Sea Exploratory Expedition
  • Departing 12 November 2015 for 7 nights
  • Dive sites include Holmes, Bougainville and Osprey
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Coral Sea Exploratory Expedition Tours

Coral Sea Exploratory Expedition Info

Coral Sea Exploratory Expedition - Holmes, Bougainville, Osprey and Ribbon Reefs

Departing 12 November for 7 nights.  This expedition caters for scuba divers who are interested in adventure diving on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, Australia.  Dive sites include Holmes, Bougainville and Osprey atolls with superb marine biodiversity at the Ribbon Reefs.

7 Night Exploratory Expeditions in the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea featuring:

  • Descend dramatic walls festooned with colourful soft corals
  • Explore the Dungeons & Dragons, labyrinth of caves and caverns.
  • Dive the scattered remains of MV Antonio Tarabocchia.
  • Spectacular Big Fish action in 40metres visibility.
  • 3 shark attraction dives, 100’s of sharks.
  • Photograph the amazing Amphitheatre shark frenzy.
  • Drift the sensational West Wall with sharks.
  • Buddy up with Diver size fish at the Cod Hole.
  • Explore the ‘Ribbon’s’ best fish & coral biodiversity sites.
  • Turtles and sea snakes forage amongst spectacular corals shrouded in glass fish at Snake Pit & Table Tops.
  • Amazing critters and schooling pelagics are seen at Pixies Pinnacle, Lighthouse & Steve’s Bommie.

Dive Sites include:

  • Steve's Bommie
  • Bougainville Reef - Dungeons and Dragons, Southern Wall and Silver Slope
  • Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs
  • North Horn, Coral Sea
  • Fairy Grotto, Coral Sea
  • Admiralty Anchor, Coral Sea
  • False Entrance, Coral Sea
  • Snake Pit


  • Flying After Diving - the surface interval between the last dive completed at 5pm and flying at 9.30am is 16.5 hours, which exceeds the DAN minimum requirement of 12 hours. An additional safety feature is that Skytrans flys below 1000ft, weather permitting.
  • Depth guidelines are based on the diver’s experience and industry standards. The maximum recommended depth for divers with appropriate experience is 40 metres (132ft). Dives in excess of 40 metres (132ft) to a maximum of 50 metres (165ft) can only be undertaken by divers with a minimum experience of 100 dives with 25 deeper than 30 metres (100ft) including one to a depth within 3 metres of dive being undertaken.
  • Luggage: 25kg / 55lbs, max weight of any bag. On Fly/Dive itineraries: 25kg / 55lbs, allowance per person plus 3kg / 5.5lbs carry-on allowance, OR 10kg / 22lbs - for professional photo / video housed system. You can leave items in excess at Mike Ball office.
  • All itinerary details are subject to change, specific marine life cannot be guaranteed.

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