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Popular Island & Outer Reef Cruise!
  • Small numbers | Beautiful reefs!
  • Guided snorkel | Glass bottom boat inc.
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Seastar Tours

Seastar Snorkel Day  
FROM $190 per adult
Seastar Certified Dive  
FROM $245 per adult
Seastar Intro Dive  
FROM $265 per adult

Seastar Info


Seastar visits two destinations in one day spending over 5 hours on the Great Barrier Reef at: 

  • Michaelmas Cay - an unspoilt Coral Island
  • Hastings Reef - a magnificent Outer Edge Reef

In only 1¼ hours the fast air-conditioned Seastar can take you from Cairns to magnificent Michaelmas Cay, the largest of the local uninhabited coral cays.

After an enjoyable time here it is a short 20 minute cruise to the splendid Hastings Reef, sitting on the very outer edge. This is where the corals thrive, well out from the coast away from the influence the rivers and streams.

What makes it Great:

  • Small group of 35 maximum
  • FREE Guided snorkel tour at both reefs
  • FREE lycra/wet suits
  • FREE Glass bottom boat at 2nd reef
  • High crew to passenger ratio
  • Fast modern air-conditioned Catamaran

Departure: (Daily)

  • Boarding commences at 7:30am, departing at 8:00am from Pier E1 ('E' Finger) at the Marlin Marina Cairns (near Reef Fleet Terminal) and returns at approximately 4:30pm.


  • Morning & Afternoon tea & coffee
  • Hot & Cold buffet luncheon, including a variety of hot dishes, cold meats, selected breads, tropical fruits and salads
  • Guided Snorkel Tour at both reefs - Adventure or Novice snorkel tour
  • Snorkel equipment: mask (including optical mask), snorkel & fins and instruction
  • Floatation Devices/Buoyancy vests
  • Lycra/wet Suits
  • Glass Bottom Boat 30 minute tour


At Michaelmas Cay:

Commences from the beach, you are transported over in transfer vessel.

Adventure Snorkel Tour: This is for the experienced snorkeller or strong swimmer. This tour heads out into the deeper water around the cay where the interesting and colourful corals flourish.

Novice Snorkel Tour: Typically with this tour, more time is provided to become acquainted with the mask and snorkel, fit the buoyancy vest and generally become comfortable before commencing. Initially on starting the tour is very measured, remaining in shallow water until everyone in the group is 100% contented before carefully heading away from the beach. Reassured by the life ring the guide tows behind, it is not long before this group has moved into the same area as the Adventure Snorkel Tour and although not travelling as far, those on this tour also see excellent reef.

At Hastings Reef:

Both the Adventure and Novice Snorkel Tours commence from the swim platform at the rear of Seastar. Even though there are some areas of deep water, most of these tours are spent in depths of less than 3 metres.

Adventure Snorkel Tour: This tour heads off to investigate some of the stunning and challenging areas of this reef. You will visit the “Fish Bowl”, “Seastar Lagoon”, “Nemo Mountain” along with deep water caves, swim throughs and trenches. Many previous “novice” snorkellers often choose to join this tour.

Novice Snorkel Tour: Again, starting cautiously this tour heads out to cover the same area as that of the Adventure Snorkellers. Anyone who had a successful snorkel at Michaelmas Cay is now more relaxed, confident and well prepared for this reef.

Extra Charges:

  • Scuba Diving, both certified and introductory
  • Souvenirs: T-Shirts, Caps, etc.
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Return hotel transfers from Cairns and Northern Beaches ( Trinity Beach & Palm Cove)


To ensure divers get the most of the reef all certified dives are guided by an experienced Dive Master, which is included in the fare.

At Michaelmas Cay:

Experienced Divers: there is the “3 Sisters”, 3 magnificent coral heads sitting out on the edge of this reef in 18 metres of water. Recent restrictions imposed at Michaelmas Cay, now means many boats can no longer access this area and what was a very popular dive site is at present seldom used. Seastar is one of a handful that can still visit here. Offering deep water, picturesque and interesting coral formations and being on the edge the possibility of seeing large turtles, manta rays or even a reef shark close by.

Recently qualified Cert Diver: Michaelmas also offers a very safe dive for those divers recently qualified or those who may have not dived for some time. Departing from the rear of the Seastar you follow the descent line down to a comfortable depth of 5 metres, the mooring blocks are literally adjacent to the first “bommie” a distinctive type of coral growth. From here your guide will show through what is a maze of coral and don’t be surprised to see tiny reef sharks, anemone families, caves of small fish, painted crayfish (lobster), turtles, rays and cute epaulette sharks, just to name a few.

At Hastings Reef:

Experienced Divers can choose to be taken to the “Wild Side” this is a one way dive, you enter the water from the dive tender and make a dive returning to the Seastar. There are rays, sharks, schools of thousands of small reef fish, lion fish, puffer fish, live conch shells, enormous giant clams and not to forget the walls of coral.

If you are really keen and would like to do a third dive (charges apply) there is ample time available. This is a decompression dive, you stay shallower and visit Seastar lagoon and the fish bowl, departing from and returning to the Seastar.

Recently qualified Cert Diver:  The Seastar lagoon and fish bowl dive is remarkably safe and straightforward, you dive along the reef wall and into the reef. Very different to Michaelmas it is the larger fish that initially captures your attention but then you become aware of other more subtle differences, they way the corals are growing, the larger schools of fish and everything seems bigger.


Never dived before? Well now you can, without any previous experience.

Diving is fun and not as difficult as you may imagine, after a brief theory lesson and practicing some under water skills, you are ready to begin.

At Michaelmas Cay 

With the assistance of your attentive instructor you are taken carefully down to a comfortable depth of 5 metres. Deep enough to be enthralling but at the same time shallow enough not to be daunting, the balance is just right.

Imagine the thrill as you breathe underwater for the first time! This alone is an exhilarating experience and the first activity you do is to go to the soft sandy bottom to stop and simply look around, enjoy being underwater, take in the view, marvel that the surface and snorkellers are now 5 metres above you and that you can remain down here.

It is now that you may experience an exciting “rush”, so your instructor will give you a short period to become accustomed to the adventure of diving before gently taking you to see the first reef animal, a nearby giant clam.

Diving is very different to snorkelling, you can stay underwater for over 30 minutes and you are able observe the fascinating reef creatures in relaxed detail.

But most notably the reef fish will react to you more curiously as you are now below them, they feel less threatened. Don’t be surprised to find yourself surrounded by these small, colourful, inquisitive swimmers, it can be quite a shock if they see their reflection in your mask, prepare for a close encounter!

You are in small group with other beginner divers and your instructor will carefully guide you through this maze of coral. The reef is out of the ordinary to anything you may have seen and there is so much to see so close to the Seastar.


  • In accordance with Australian Diving law, ALL DIVERS must complete a medical questionnaire on board, before diving.
  • Introductory Divers NOTE: Certain medical conditions may prevent you from diving (such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, ear problems) please enquire when booking.
  • No refunds on incomplete dives
  • Minimum age for diving is 12 years.
  • Certified Divers must show Certified Card
  • We recommend wait 24 hours after multiple dives prior to flying

GREAT NEWS! All payments made to Travstar do not incur credit card surcharges