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Juice Bars & Healthy options

Updated: 20-Oct-2014

Juice Bars & healthy cafes we like within walking distance of Cairns City hotels:

Snoogies is a little juice bar and healthy lunch spot in Main Street Arcade between Grafton & Lake Sts in the city.  With a food court environment with a number of options including Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese stalls.  Located on Spence St between Abbott and Lake St.  

Paleo Cafe is located on Grafton St opposite the entrance to the Rusty's markets.  They offer a range of healthy products for sale as well as juices and delicious breakfast & lunch options.  

Lafew Tea House is home of Kombucha.  Kombucha is a probiotic culture filled with enzymes, yeasts & good bacterium.  It is a Living drink that tastes great!  Kombucha may improve digestion, joint health and immunity.  It has high levels of Glucosamine and B-vitamins.  It may regualte blood sugar and alkalize the body.  This is an ancient elixir of health.  33 Sheridan St opposite Rustys Market.  Open Tuesday - Sunday 

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